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Sharing Troubleshooting

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on June 28, 2016 17:20

Tags open outside of image and get cut off

Sometimes tags may open outside the image and are cut by the layout of the site where the image is embedded.

To prevent tags from opening outside of the image add the following code before the embed code when you embed:

<script type="text/javascript">__tlconfig = {hOverflow: false, vOverflow: false};</script>

Edit button showing on embedded images

Don’t panic! 9 times out of 10 the edit button is not showing on your embedded image. If you embed an image and can see the edit button make sure you’re not logged into your ThingLink account in the same browser. If you are logged in you will see the button because the browser recognizes that it is your image. Others will not see the edit option. Test this by logging out of your ThingLink account or by looking at the embedded image in an incognito window with Chrome.

If you log out or use an incognito window and still see the edit button, you have the allow anyone to edit feature turned on. Open the image in the editor and click ‘Settings’ beneath the image. Uncheck the allow anyone to edit box. That will remove the edit button.

The share button is not visible

Sometime you may finish editing your image and then find that the share button is nowhere to be found. This is due to the size of your image. In order for all the buttons to fit, your image must be at least 130px in height. Any smaller and the share button will disappear.

Most of the time when this happens, the small size of the image is unintentional and comes from using the thumbnail image from a google image search instead of the full size image. Make sure you use the full image when tagging.