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Uploading Custom Icons and Branding

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on July 19, 2016 14:40

Our paid plans let you upload your own custom icons, or even custom branding to enhance your interactive image. All paid plans include custom icons, WhiteLabel and above include custom branding. Both assets are uploaded the same way.

  1. Go the settings icon (gear) in the upper right menu
  2. Select the Tag Icons tab
  3. Click upload icon set

Here you can upload 3 version of your icon.

  1. The default icon, what viewers see when they first mouse over the image.
  2. The hover icon. When a user hovers over a tag, they will see this version.
  3. Glow. Upload a glow asset to create glow effect around your tag.

After you upload an icon here it will be available in your icon selector while in the tag editor. The same is true for custom branding. Upload your logo here. In the image editor, click on the lower right ThingLink icon to replace it. Select your logo from the selector.

Recommended icon specs: 36x36 pixels image in PNG file format

Maximum upload size: 140x64 (width x height) pixels

In addition to standard image files, GIF files and SVG files can also be used to create animated icons. GIF files will animate your icons to create a moving tag on your image. SVG files are scalable options that will looks great on mobile, preventing icon overlap with small SVG icons.