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Register Students via List

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on August 29, 2016 19:33

This method should be used if:

1. Your students do not have school email addresses or logins

2. If you would want to upload students via CSV

3. If your students are unable to register themselves

Navigate to the Students button at the top of the page. On the next page you’ll see two tabs, Students and Groups. Select the groups tab. Here you’ll see one or more groups. Learn about creating new groups here.

To the right of the group you’d like your students to join, click the gear icon. On the next group management page, you’ll see a charcoal button that says ‘Register Students.’ Click this button.

There are two options on this page, a text box and and upload option. The text box allows you to enter student names or emails to create accounts for them. The upload option is for uploading a CSV file with student login information.

Text Box

If using the text box you can enter the names of your students or their email addresses. If you enter names, we will generate login emails for them, if you enter emails, those will act as their logins. 

All names must be unique so you may need to use last initials or some other identifier if some students have the same name. Alternatively, you can also use student ID numbers or some other unique identifiers. After entering the names, click Register Students.

On the next page you’ll see the login information for your students. VERY IMPORTANT: As a security measure this is the only time you will see the passwords for your students. Either print this page, or take a screenshot so that you always have a record of this information. After you have saved the login information for your students, you can return to the user management page.

Your students will use the information in the login email and password columns to login at www.thinglink.com/edu. They are automatically in your group. If you have Premium Education they will also get the same premium features you have purchased.


CSV upload is available for all paid accounts. This allows you to pick the name, login email, and password for your students. Simply compile these in an appropriately formatted CSV and upload the file. Make sure Using the information in the CSV, the student accounts will be created.