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360° Editor

Choosing a Tag Icon

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 24, 2018 13:41

While ThingLink will pre-populate an icon for you in 360 tagging, you can choose from preloaded icons or add any image file you like to for a custom icon. Use this to add your company branding, indicate the type of content, or show a sneak peak of the tag. 

After uploading your 360 image, click the plus button to create a new tag. Add content to your tag.

When your tag is ready to go, click the circle above the tag types in the left panel. If you have an image tag, this circle will be populated by that image. For other tag types, the circle will have a blue plus symbol. You will then be able to choose from hundreds of preloaded icons or upload your own image. 

For a clean look, try adding a PNG image with a transparent background. Check it out below: