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360° Editor

Tagging 360 Images

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on January 04, 2018 15:26

In the 360 editor you will see your image and one plus button on the left. Click and drag to see all parts of your image. Use the settings button in the bottom left to name your image and to add audio that plays when your image is viewed. 

Hover over the button on the left to see where the tag will appear when the button is clicked. After the tag is created it can be moved around, but the guidelines help you get it right the first time. 

Adding a Tag

Click the plus button to add a tag. There are four different tag types.

Image lets you add an image, caption, and audio to your tag. Use this for close up images or getting another view that isn’t covered in your 360. If you have audio in both the tag and the background of the image the main audio will lower when an audio tag is opened. 

Video is for uploading a video file straight from your computer. This is great if you think your viewers will be exploring your 360 with a VR headset.

Custom lets you customize both the layout and the content of the tag to create quote tags, shoppable tags, and plain text tags. 

Embed combines tools from all across the web. Embed YouTube videos, Scribd documents, Google Forms, and more! Anything that has an iframe embed code can be added to your image here. 

Tour connects multiple 360 images. Paste the link to another 360 image on ThingLink here to connect images and make a tour or exploration of a space. 

Choosing an Icon

After adding tag content, you can choose an icon or upload your own. Click the blue plus button to choose from hundreds of preloaded icons or upload a file from your hard drive. 

After adding your images, don't forget to save your image.