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360° Editor

Using 360 in an Image Tag

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on August 04, 2017 17:18

Combine 360 images and standard Images to create interactive displays. ThingLink 360 images can be added to tags on ThingLink images but there are a couple more steps than a standard tag.

1. Add 360 image to a channel

If the link directly to the 360 image is used, the 360 image will not be live on the tag. Instead, first go the URL of the 360 image and click the Post to Channel link beneath the image.

In the pop-up, click Create New Channel. Name the channel and click Create. 

2. Find the channel URL

Now, click on the Me tab to get back to your profile. On your profile, select Channels, then choose the channel you just created.

Next use the button on the right to view the channel in slideshow mode. In slideshow mode, click the share button at the top of the page and copy the URL.

3. Use this URL in the tag

Finally, on the image where you'd like to add the 360 image in a tag, click to add a tag. Paste the channel URL in the link field of the tag.