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360° Editor

Using Google Street View to find 360 base images

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 18, 2018 16:42

Google Street View is a fantastic resource for locating beautiful 360 images to tag on ThingLink. There are two ways to access these images: the mobile app and the browser. This article will teach you how to save images from either of these sources. 


On Mobile download the Google Street View app for iOS or Android. In the app search for a location, choose an image, and tap the share button to download. Now your image is ready to be uploaded to ThingLink. To stay on one device, use both Google Street View and the Teleport 360 Editor App on your tablet.


From the browser, you'll need to take one extra step to get set up. 

1. Download the  Pano Fetch chrome extension.

2. From Google Maps search for the location you'd like to find a 360 image of. Drag the yellow man in the lower left corner of the screen onto the proper location on the map. 

3. In Google Maps use the Pano Fetch extension to download the image. If Pano Fetch does not download the 360, look in the upper left corner and make sure the creator is listed as Google. If a name of another photographer is listed, the Pano Fetch extension cannot download it.