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TopSpin E4M Tag

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 03, 2018 13:24

Getting started

First, you will need a ThingLink user account and a Topspin user account. Your Topspin account must be a Topspin Plus account in order for you to be able to create E4M campaigns.

To register with ThingLink, go here: http://www.thinglink.com/action/register

To register with Topspin, go here: http://www.topspinmedia.com/signup

To upgrade your existing Topspin account to a Topspin Plus account, go here: http://app.topspin.net/user/artist_login and then click on the Upgrade button and follow instructions.

We expect that you already know how E4M works and that you have registered products and such in Topspin, so that you have something to highlight with ThingLink.

Create an E4M campaign

After logging in to Topspin click the Promote tab at the top of the page. Then click on New Offer and select Email 4 Media from the drop down menu.

Below are the instructions for setting up a campaign so that it works well with ThingLink. Please note that if you want to use the same campaign with the ThingLink rich media tag and the regular Topspin widget, these instructions are not perfect, so you will have to improvise.

Set the campaign values as follows:

  1. Set Internal Name. This is just for your own bookkeeping, so any name is fine
  2. Fan Facing Name: use any value, this will not be displayed anywhere
  3. Set Headline. This will be presented at the top of the ThingLink bubble. This needs to be pretty short. For example: "Get a free MP3 download from ThingLink's latest album!" is too long, but "Get a free MP3 download from ThingLink's album!" will already fit When a headline is too long, it will be truncated with an ellipsis. Please allow for fonts being rendered slightly differently on different computers, so it is best to leave some margin for the headline. Also note that users who link to your campaign may override this text.
  4. Button Text: leave as the default or empty. It will not be displayed anywhere
  5. Confirmation URL: if you know what this is, then edit to suit. If you don't know what this is, please read the Topspin documentation
  6. Size, Theme, Highlight Color, Custom Link Text, Custom Link Url: leave as empty or default, these do not affect anything
  7. Email Sign-up Phrase and Email Sign-up Messaging: these affect e-mail content, but are not displayed in the widget itself

And to finish it off:

  1. On the right hand side, check Offers API. Other checkboxes are not relevant
  2. Under Add Product choose which free download you will be providing to the user
  3. Under Add Slideshow Display Items check Single Image and select which image to display in the widget. Enable Clickable Display and Flickr Slideshow are not currently supported. If you do not select a single image to display, the Topspin logo will be displayed instead
  4. Click on Publish
  5. On the screen saying "<my offer> has been (re)published", look at the code block under "Your <embed> code". There is a part near the end of the block, which says "widget_id=http...". Copy the URL starting with "http" and ending in a number before a question mark (see the the image below). This is the URL you will need to paste into the ThingLink tag editor.

Creating the E4M tag

  1. Navigate to any ThingLink enabled image you want to tag
  2. Choose Edit tags and click anywhere on the image to create a tag
  3. Paste in the URL you saved at step 12 above in the link field
  4. Underneath the URL you will see a text appear saying "This will be a Topspin E4M tag". If you write a description in text field, the E4M campaign headline text will be replaced with your description text. To use the campaign headline, simply leave the text field empty.
  5. Press Save and you're done!

Please note that if you now go back and edit your campaign, the changes will not take effect in real time. It may take up to 10 minutes for the Topspin content distribution network to get updated with the latest offer