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Using Statistics

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 03, 2018 13:24

ThingLink provides powerful metrics for all your creations: images, video, and 360. 

Accessing Statistics

For images, select the image on your profile. Beneath the image click the Stats link with the graph icon. For videos and 360 creations, select the asset on your profile. Beneath the video or 360, click the icon of the line graph. 

Reading Statistics

At the top of statistics choose between unique and total interactions. Total will show multiple hits for those that have viewed more than once, as opposed to only one for each visitor (unique).

On the left, set a date range for your data. 

Beneath, there are 4 options and a graph. Select between the 4 options: View, Hovers, Clicks, and Time on Image. The graph will show the numbers for any of these options. 

Below the graph find all time statistics for select categories. 

In the lower half of the statistics page find more information about each time the image or video has been embedded and about each of the tags on your image or video.

On the left tag, statistics show clicks, hovers, interaction time, and click to hover ratio for each tag. Click the blue Graph link to see this information in graphic format. This data lets you analyze which tag types viewers interact with most so that future images can be more appealing to viewers.

On the right, see information about everywhere the asset has been embedded. Compare performance between platforms with assorted data. Track assets that go viral, with each embed.

Please note: interactions from the creator of image or video are not counted in the statistics.