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Email Verification

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on September 14, 2016 12:50

To verify your email address, please click on the link that was in your welcome email. This lets us know that you did not mistakenly input a wrong email.

I never received my welcome email

It can take a while to arrive, so wait for a few hours. You can still keep using Thinglink; you'll just have the banner visible.

If it still hasn't come ask us to resend you the verification email here.

I mistyped my email address

Don't worry - as long as you are signed in, you can go to your account settings and change your email address. Then, you can request a new verification email to your new address.

I'm a student and I can't get emails

Unfortunately many schools do not allow emails coming from outside senders. However, if your school is verified, then you don't have to verify individual accounts. Please talk to your teacher about getting your school verified for ThingLink.

I'm a teacher, why should I verify my school?

OK, sold! How do I verify my school and how much does it cost?

Please contact our education team.