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Last updated by Rachel Cohen on December 11, 2017 14:00

Cloning allows you to copy someone else’s image into your own account. This can be used to collect images you like, to make your own version of someone else’s image, or for teachers to share a project with students.

To clone an image, click the link of the two arrows crossing above the image. You will immediately be taken to your copy of the image in your own account where you can add your own edits. This is a separate version of the image, the original will not be affected.

Teacher tip: Create an original image with questions. Have your students remix the image and replace your text tags with answer tags.

Beneath the remixed version of the image will be a link back to the original version so that the original creator is credited.

To disallow others from remixing your images, go to the upper right menu and select settings (gear icon). In the settings, go to the My Media Settings tab. Uncheck the allow remixing box.