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Content Sharing

Embedding on WordPress

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 03, 2018 13:24

ThingLink has a special integration built with WordPress to make embedding especially easy. ThingLink images and videos can be live and interactive on your blog.

Using ThingLink in the blogs hosted at Wordpress.com

  1. Copy the URL of your ThingLink image
  2. In your post on Wordpress enter the following formula:


In the live post your image will be interactive.

Adding the ThingLink Plugin to standalone WordPress-based blog

Installing the ThingLink Plugin is necessary if you want to create ThingLink images right from your blog. This plugin will allow you to tag images already on your blog, straight from the WordPress website.

  1. Log in to WordPress admin (usually yourblog.com/wp-admin)
  2. Select Add New under Plugins in the left panel of your admin
  3. Search for “Official Thinglink Plugin” and install it. After enabling the plugin, select Thinglink from Plugins menu and make sure your Thinglink ID is filled in. If it is not, copy and paste your ID manually from My Account page
  4. Click Save (even if the ID was already there)
  5. Go to your blog, hover over any image and start tagging your images by clicking the Edit icon. Make sure you are logged into Thinglink in the same browser to tag images. When publishing new posts, you can also tag your images in the WordPress Preview mode. Tagging from inside the WordPress editor is not possible.