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Facebook Tabs

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on June 28, 2016 17:11

Facebook tabs are a great to bring permanent interactivity to your Facebook Page. While posting interactive ThingLink images on your page’s timeline keeps your followers up to date, those posts will soon lose their accessibility. As new posts, older ones lose their spot at the top of the page and will rarely be found by followers.

The solution is a Facebook Tab. Adding another tab along with ‘About’ ‘Photos’ and ‘Likes’ keeps you interactive media at the forefront of your page, easily accessible to all. Check out the Facebook page of the Dutch Minister-President for a great example.

To make your own, first go to ThingLink and make the image you wish to turn into a tab, We recommend a vertically oriented image. When your image is ready, click the share button. Within the share button you’ll see several social media icons, two of which appear to be for Facebook. Select the grey Facebook icon.

You will be prompted through the steps to sign in to your account and add the tab.

With that, your image will be added to your Facebook page. Keep it updated with new information, or sub in a new image whenever you want to freshen up your page.