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Tag Customization

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on July 17, 2017 16:22

Use our customization tools to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Above the text field choose your font size. Font size ranges from small to XX-large. Smaller font sizes may allow you to include more text in your tag. Larger fonts may be more readable for your viewers. Use the drop down menu to select a size.

Next select between bold, italics, and link for your text. Highlight the proper part of the text, then use the selector above to alter. If using a list, try using our bulleted and numbered lists. Finally, adjust the justification of your text. Multiple justifications can be used in a single tag.

After editing text, the layout of the tag can be edited as well. Swap the position of image and text, change the button text for the custom rich tag, and upload images or audio files directly to the tag. 

Below tag styling options, both font and bubble color can both be customized. Use the color map to pick color points or enter your own color hex code to get an exact shade.

Lastly, ThingLink offers 16 different fonts to choose from. Use the drop down menu to select a font. A single font must be applied to the entire tag.