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Tag Styling Options

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on October 17, 2016 19:56

Tag styling options allow you to control how tags appear and function.

Hide Bubble: Hide bubble does just what it suggests, hides the bubble. When viewers hover over the tag icon nothing will pop up. If you want to force viewers to click through to view content, this is the proper feature.

Pinned Icon: Pinned icon ensures that icons always show on your image. Typically viewers must hover over the image to show all the icons. Pinned icons always show, which can be helpful for viewers that have yet to be introduced to ThingLink and may not realize that they should hover over to find more information.

Hide Icon: Hide icon makes the tag icon invisible, though when hovering over that spot, the tag bubble will still appear. This is perfect if the background image is particularly detailed and you don’t want to cover any part of it with tag. It can be helpful to have at least one non-hidden icon to direct viewers to hover to find the icons.