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Education FAQ

Register Students via CSV

Last updated by Felipe Boza on September 14, 2018 17:19

Registering students is a paid feature. This method is the quickest onboarding strategy and allows the teacher to control email, name, and password associated with a student account.

Navigate to the My Students tab from the upper navigation bar. In the left panel, select the groups tab. Then, you will see the list of your groups and next to them the 'Add users' option. Click it. Learn about creating new groups here.

A new window will appear with three options: Group invitation, Import from Excel and Manual creation. The Excel option is on the right one.

Either download the template on the page, or create your own CSV file with the appropriate emails, usernames, and passwords for your students. Make sure to include a header row like in the example, and to include all three of these pieces of information for each user.

After uploading the CSV, ThingLink will create accounts for your students that reflect the included information. They can log in with that information at www.thinglink.com/login and do not need to register. They never need to use your group invitation code.