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Education FAQ

Student Images Not Appearing in Channels

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 24, 2018 13:28

A lot of times when students initially register, they use an incorrect birthdate which results in their account being a K18 account and thus creating K18 images. By default, all Teacher accounts can only view K12 images. When K18 students post their images to a Teacher’s channel, the images will not be viewable to the Teacher.

Only ThingLink Staff members can change students’ birthdates after they have created their account. If you suspect that your students have entered a birthdate that results in their account becoming K18, please email us with the email address associated with the student’s account and their correct birthdate.

If you or your students are concerned about entering their correct birthdate for privacy issues, please rest assured that we do not use this birthdate for anything else other than to confirm that students’ accounts are given the correct level of privacy and are shown only appropriate images.

You can learn more about our Student Privacy Policy here