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Image Editor

Tagging Images

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on March 11, 2019 17:56

Image tagging is the cornerstone of ThingLink. This article teaches you how to create your own interactive image.

Uploading Images

Click the create button at the top of ThingLink to begin uploading. 

Learn more about uploading images here.


After uploading you’ll be taken directly to the editor. Use the blue add tag button to create tags.

After clicking the Add tag button, you'll see several tag formats on the left. Each tag layout highlights different media types. Select the layout that best fits your tag. Learn more about the tag types here . 

After selecting a format, choose a tag icon, and then replace the prefilled information with your own. If fields are left blank, the option will disappear. For example: if the link and button text fields are empty, the link button will not show on the tag. Therefore, just fill in the fields you need and leave the others empty. 

After adding tags, use the Customize button to change the colors used in the tag. Either select from the pre-set color combinations or enter your own colors. This is also where you can find the option to remove the ThingLink logo from your image. 


After completing and saving your image, click the share button to find everything you need to share your image across the web. Learn more about sharing here.