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Link Tag Expressions

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on June 28, 2016 15:03

Entering a URL in the link field of a tag can have multiple different expressions.

1. Some links create an actionable tag that allows viewers to interact with the link content straight from the tag. These are Rich Media Tags. They have been created for links from some of the most popular platforms to enrich your images. Find all rich media tags  here.

2. Some links will show a thumbnail image and a short text. These are links to websites that provide open graph data. If your website has open graph data we will automatically show that in the tag. You can view the open graph information in the standard or larger format. Use the arrow button below the link field to find the larger view. 

3. Pages without a rich media tag or open graph data will show as a simple hyperlink. Viewers will need to click through to view content located at that link.