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Image Editor

Tagging Images via the Mobile App

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on March 10, 2019 23:23

Tagging on our app is a streamlined version of tagging online. Tag on the go with a phone or tablet. ThingLink is available in both the  Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

After logging in to the app you will be on the My ThingLink Images page.

To get started click the plus button in the upper right corner. You will have the option to either import an image from your Photo Library or to take a picture with the camera. Select an image or take a new one.

After uploading you are automatically transferred to the image editor. The first tag has already been added. Tap the tag to begin adding content. Click the blue pencil icon to change the pre-filled text.

Add another tag by tapping anywhere on the image. Choose to either add text or add media.

  • Add Media will allow you to take a 30 second video, take a photo, choose a photo from the gallery or add a video from YouTube.
  • With Add Text, enter a caption, URL, or twitter handle
  • If you want to add both text and media, add the media first then tap the blue pencil icon to add a caption.

Change the preset tag icon by clicking on any of our tags and tapping the blue pencil icon. Next tap on the tag icon to see the other icon options.

When your tags are ready, click Next in the upper right corner. On the next screen add a title and unlist the image if you’d like. Click Save in the upper right corner to save your tagged image. The image can now be found in the app and in your account online.