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Image Editor

Tag Troubleshooting

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on March 10, 2019 23:23

Can't add a second tag

Sometimes users report that ThingLink will not allow them to add additional tags. If clicking on your image to add a tag does not work for you, have no fear. This can be solved by logging out of your account and logging back in.

To log out, go to the upper right menu and select the icon of the arrow coming out of a box.

Changing tag bubble size

Tag bubbles cannot be adjusted to custom sizes but there are a few workarounds.

1. Image and link tags both have a small and a large option. Use the arrow button below the link field to adjust the size of the tag between these two options.

2. Change the image size. You’ll see in the below image that bubbles adjust to the size of the tag image up to the maximum size. If your tag is exceptionally narrow, try replacing your image with a larger image.

3. Rich media tags display in different sizes than uploading a standard image. Explore rich media tag options to see which ones suit your images.

4. For adding additional or larger text, consider using a Google Doc rich media tag. Those tags will appear larger than a standard text tag created with the text box in the editor.

Cut off video

Videos recorded straight to the tag are limited to 30 seconds. Longer videos will be cut off.

To add longer videos to your tags, record them to your device, then upload to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo. Check out all the sites for which we have video tags on the Rich Media Tags page.

After uploading the content, use the link to the video in the link field of your tag. This will allow you to include a longer video in you tag.