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Microsoft Teams

Setting up Teams

Last updated by Janne Jalkanen on January 22, 2019 17:05

It is possible to set up Thinglink inside  Microsoft Teams, the leading online collaboration platform, as either a static tab or a configurable tab.

Any Office 365 user with proper permissions may install Thinglink as a part of their Teams experience. Installing ThingLink to Teams will show your personal ThingLink account and ThingLink editors inside Teams. You will be able to create regular and 360 images and share them with your team members.

Install: Adding ThingLink to your Team

To install Thinglink:

  • Open Store -> Search for “Thinglink” -> Click “Install”.

Using Thinglink

Click the three dots on the left side of your screen and choose the “Thinglink” application. Thinglink for Teams works only with Microsoft 365 Login. Click “Sign in with Microsoft” and you should be in your normal account (see below).

If you do not yet have a Thinglink account, one will be created for you and you will see our welcome experience.

Configurable Tab: Adding Group View to Teams

You may also install any one of your groups (classroom or shared folder) in the group chat once you have installed Thinglink for your Teams. Just click the “Add tab (+)” button on top of your team chat window and choose Thinglink.

You will then see a dropdown that lets you choose which Shared Folder/Classroom to add to your Teams.

This is a shared resource - if users cannot edit or view the content, ensure that they are logged in and that they have activated the Thinglink app for their Teams.

The contents of this tab are shared and are accessible to all persons inside the Team, so please be mindful of visibility issues - if you use private images inside a configurable and shared tab, they will not automatically be visible to the viewers if they do not have proper permissions.

Note also that if users have proper permissions, they will be able to edit the content as well. This provides great opportunities to share and collaborate on images!