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Microsoft Teams

Teams FAQ

Last updated by Ulla Engestrom on January 18, 2019 11:52

When is Teams integration available for everyone?

We are currently in the review process. Please follow our blog for more information!

Is all Thinglink functionality available in Teams?

Yes, most of Thinglink is available, except for alternate login methods. You will need to set up Microsoft 365 Login to use Teams with a Thinglink account.

I am using Google Login, how do I use Teams?

Sign up to a new Microsoft Account and use your Google email address.

Do I use my Microsoft Account or my work/school account?

Both are supported. However, using your work/school account may need your administrator to first approve Thinglink for use, depending on your policies or permissions we need.

I cloned an image and the image (or a tag) disappeared or never loads!

Teams requires all content to be served through HTTPS. In the ThingLink image database there is still a certain amount of content which is stored on a non-secure HTTP site. This means that when you search images in the Explore section, some images can be viewed, but not cloned for your own use. All new content that you upload to Teams is served from HTTPS and works fine.

Some of my old content is not visible in Teams!

This is likely to be the same issue as above. Some old content is not available in Teams due to it being served from a non-secure URL. You can try reuploading the images, or request via a support request that we move the image to a secure site. If you are a developer and your custom tags aren't showing, please ensure that you have a secure URL set up from which to serve the tag content.

When will you support X inside Teams?

We are working on adding new capabilities to our Teams integration. Please join our Facebook group and let us know if there's something cool you'd like us to consider!