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Last updated by Rachel Cohen on September 06, 2016 22:26

Special rules for EU VAT

As of January 1st 2015, the European Union has started to require that the VAT be charged according to the country of purchase, not country of the seller. Unfortunately this makes accounting the VAT somewhat complicated, and therefore we have chosen to cease sales to private individuals within the European Union until we can resolve this situation. However, we will happily serve any business customers in the EU, who can provide a valid corporate VAT number.

If you're having problems with your VAT ID, please make sure that it has the two letter country code in the front (e.g. DE12345678 or FR9238128).

We check the VAT IDs using VIES, which unfortunately has random downtimes. If you're having trouble with getting your VAT ID validated, please check again in ten minutes.