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School and District Accounts

Navigating the School Admin Panel

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on July 31, 2018 14:35

If you are an administrator for a school or district account you will have access to an admin panel to oversee all the members of your school or district. 

Access the Panel

Access the Admin panel via your upper right menu. Select the link with the name of your organization in the menu. If you do not see this link, the account you are logged into is not an administrator of the group account.

Using the Panel

In the Admin panel you will see a search function and two buttons. 


Use the search bar to find specific members, or members of different types. You can search by name or email. You can also use terms "Teacher" and "Student" to see all the teachers or students in your organization. Search with the field empty to see all members. 

In the results, click on the name of any member to go to their profile and see their current work. On the right, use the available options to update passwords, delete the account, and suspend the account. Suspending the account prevents the user from logging in until you un-suspend from the same place. This is mainly used for disciplinary purposes. 

Add Teachers and Students

Select this button to find your organization's invitation code and to mass onboard students. Your teachers need this code to join. This code is ONLY FOR TEACHERS. Students SHOULD NOT use this code. Teachers can learn how to use this code  here. Learn how to upload students via CSV here, skip down to the CSV section and image. 


This button takes you to the administrators group. Members of this group will also have access to this panel so that they can oversee accounts. Have them use the invitation code listed in the group to join.