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School and District Accounts

Using LTI to Onboard Users

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on August 23, 2018 16:14

LTI or Learning Technology Interoperability is a protocol that lets LMS tools “embed” other tools transparently. These are known as “Tool Providers” and our LTI integration lets Thinglink be a Tool Provider for any LMS that supports LTI. The implementation that we have allows user accounts to be automatically created using LTI.

To begin using LTI, request that it be enabled here. ThingLink staff will enable it by the end of the next business day. 

After enabled you will see your organization's LTI information on your school administration page under the LTI tab. 

Use the provided information in your LMS to connect the LTI. Find instructions for your LTI here:





After you enable ThingLink for your school or district when a user clicks on the Thinglink App in the LMS, a new browser window will open and the student or teacher will be automatically logged in. If there is no existing ThingLink account for that individual, a new user will automatically be created and added to the organization.