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Register Students via Invite Code

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on September 07, 2017 13:35

Registering students via an invitation code is the best way to register students that already have their own school email address. If your students do not have email addresses, use the second registration method.

Navigate to the Students button at the top of the page. On the next page you’ll see two tabs, Students and Groups. Select the groups tab. Here you’ll see one or more groups. Learn about creating new groups here.To the right of the group you’d like your students to join, click the gear icon.

On the next group management page, you’ll see a 6-digit invitation code. This is what your students need to join. If having your students join during class, we suggest writing this up on the board so everyone can easily access it.

If students do not yet have accounts, they should use this during registration. At www.thinglink.com/edu, click Get Started, then enter an email address and password for the student account, then click Create Account. On the next screen select EDU, enter a name, and choose Student from the drop down menu. This page is also where they invitation code should be entered.

After completing registration they will automatically be in your group. If you have Premium Education they will also have the premium features included in your account.

If students already have accounts, but still need to join your group, have them log in to their accounts. Then go to the upper right menu and have them select the groups icon. On the right side of the groups page they’ll see a field labeled with the words ‘Invite Code’ and a Join button. Have them enter the code there and click Join!

Below the group will appear. Beneath the group name will be another charcoal button to request to join. Have them make this request by clicking the button. Finally you can accept their requests in the Students menu. Click students in the upper menu bar to see the requests and accept them.

After accepting these requests they will be members of your group. If you have Premium Education they will also have the premium features included in your account.