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Teleport 360 Editor

Tagging Your 360° Images

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on March 13, 2017 20:59

To upload your own 360 images to Teleport 360, select My Media at to top of the screen. In the center of the screen tap the blue button to upload your own image. Or if you've previously uploaded the 360° image, select it from the left column.

Tap on the camera roll option and select the 360 image you'd like to tag. 

Learn more about taking 360 images from your mobile device here. The image will upload to the app and three options will appear below: Edit, Share and Delete. Tap edit to begin adding tags. 

In the editor, tap and drag to view the entire 360 image. Use the plus button on the left to add a tag. 

When the empty tag opens select between Image, Video, Embed, and Transition. Learn about the different tag types here.

When you're done tagging. Click the Save and Exit button to save your image. It will be available across devices either from the app or from the browser.