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Video Editor

Tagging Videos

Last updated by Rachel Cohen on April 24, 2018 13:40

#1 Upload Video

The process begins with the create button. Upload your video either directly as a video file with the upload video option or via a YouTube, Brightcove, or Facebook link via the URL option. Read more about uploading videos here.

#2 Tagging

You will immediately be taken to the video editor. Start out by clicking Video Settings beneath the video. Here, give the video a name and description. Videos imported via link will also bring their name and description, though you can edit this information. Here you can also make your video unlisted with the checkbox and remove ThingLink branding in the style tab with Professional and above level accounts.

Next, begin adding tags. First, navigate to the point in the video that the tag should appear. Once the tag is created it cannot be moved to a different point in the video so make sure the time is correct. Click Add New Tag in the upper left to begin adding content.

In the dialogue box, click the blue icon to select from unique video icons, standard icons from the image, tagger, as well as any custom icons you’ve uploaded. Next set a time duration for the tag. This controls how long a tag will show before disappearing.

Add a link or embed code to fill your tag and text that will show when the tag first appears. This is the text that show before the viewer sees the link, image, or other content, so make sure it is appealing and indicative of what the viewer will find inside. Click save to add the tag.

What shows next is the tag appearance when the initial tag icon has been clicked. ThingLink may pre-populate the tag with information from the link or your tag may be blank depending on the website. Click edit tag in the upper left to add new/more information.

Here, edit the title of the tag, the body text, and the image. In the Style tab, edit the color of the text and buttons, and the font, for both the popup and the tag. To see what a color swatch is controlling, hover over for the guide text. In the popup section, there is also the opportunity to change the button text from Read More and to add a small logo to your tag via a link to an image of the logo. When your tag is ready, click save. Repeat these steps to add tags throughout your video. Try adding channelsvideos, and other embeddable tools to your video as well to increase interactivity,

#3 Sharing

After completing the video, click the button with the v icon in the upper right of the live video to access sharing information. Find a link and embed code to share to social media, via email, or on your own website or blog.