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  • Ryane Ortiz

    I'd love for students in my course to be able to turn on a setting so their work is viewable by the whole class! Then students could see each other's work and provide feedback and responses. This would be like blending Flipgrid with Padlet with Thinglink. Collaboration during distance learning!

    Thank you


    Ryane Ortiz that's a great idea! I thought they would be able to do that. Can't they? Also, syncing with Google Classroom would be useful so that I can create it here and it automatically posts to my classroom - also it would automatically import my students from my class there - see for how they do it.

  • Ivan Kiprin

    Ryane Ortiz thank you for the feedback! We'll bring this up with the rest of the team.

    AMANDA FISHER-O'DELL Students can access each other's work but we don't display it inside Courses. As for syncing with Google Classroom - that's a great idea! I've added it to our list of feature requests, too.


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